Dishwasher Troubleshooting and Repair Techniques

A dishwasher is an important kitchen appliance and no doubt, they can be quite annoying when they break down. Most repairs on a dishwasher are expected to be easy and basically take less than 20 minutes to complete. This article will help you troubleshoot and repair the common problems. Click on the specific problem and you will be able to see how to easily and quickly troubleshoot and repair.


is you dishwasher noisy? Well here is how you can quickly troubleshoot and solve the problem. This depends on the type of noise involved from the rattling of the pump housing, or the motor bushing or even a worn out washer. Whatever the noise it is easy to troubleshoot and repair


Is the dishwasher leaking? Then conduct a diagnosis on what is causing the leaking. It could be a worn-out pump or a failed water valve.

Problem Starting

Any problem turning it on? Find out how to solve the problem by testing a few components which include electronic controls, the door latch switch, the timer, motors and fuses.

Door latch not responding

Is the dishwasher door failing to work as expected? Click here to learn how to fix the dish washer door by repairing the door latch kit.


Decreased performance

Is the dishwasher not cleaning as expected? Find out why by testing the housing gaskets, filters, the delivery tubes and spray arms to help you quickly fix the problem.

Failure in drainage

Is the dish washer not draining as it should? Learn more on what causes the problem by testing the drain pump motor, the timer or the drain hose.

Not filling the water

Detect the reason why the dishwasher does not fill with water by testing the water valves and the float and door switches and quickly fix the problem.

Failure in dispensing of detergent

Find out how to fix this problem by running tests on the bi-metal release or the wax motor or even the timer.

Problem in Drying dishes

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix a dishwasher that fails to dry the dishes. Here you will test the heating system, the thermostats and the dispensers.

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